Photography Gear Purchasing Consultation

Get help in deciding what camera gear is right for you.


What Camera Should You Buy?

Get help in finding just the right camera to fill your needs and desires. We will ask you questions to guide us to the right choices in camera body and/or lens that is right for you. We take an unbiased approach so you don't end up with something that is good for someone else, but right for you. 

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Save Time!

Save time by getting a straight answer without leaving your home or office. And if you go to a camera store you will already know what you want to see and try out. 

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Save Money by Finding the Best Value!

After we help you figure out what gear to purchase, we will help you find the best value (lowest price might not be the best value). With our years of purchasing experience we can lead you to the best price that is real from a reputable source.

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