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Great quick reference on Shutter Speeds, Aperture Sizes, ISO Range, White Balance and Camera Modes. Plus, a bonus On-Line expanded information called "Field Notes".


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Photographer's Pocket Guide - Basic Camera Settings

Photo Pocket Guides are available in Print Version and Digital Version to assist photographers in their camera settings such as Aperture (f-Stop),  Shutter Speed, ISO and White Balance needed to capture their desired images. The guide gives explanations on how a camera’s settings work and how they affect your image.

The guides are meant to be carried in your pocket, gear bag and/or on your Smart Devices (e.g. iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad, etc.) so you can see what settings are needed to capture the image you envision. For example, isolating the subject with a blurred background, stopping action or creating a deep depth of field so everything is in focus.

To also help you understand these settings and how they work, you can click on the QR Code on the pocket guide and it will take you to On-line Help: “Field Notes”  http// These are mobile device web pages meant to expand upon the “Pocket Guides”. These “Field Notes” are dynamic and new material is added on an on-going basis. Most of the information is from photographers willing to share their experience and knowledge.

Photographer's Pocket Guides are published by Great Perspective Photography and are available for purchase in both print and digital formats.