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Camera Settings at your Finger Tips

Photographer's Pocket Guide


Photo Pocket Guides are available in a Print Version to assist photographers in their camera settings such as f-Stop Aperture,  Shutter Speed, ISO and White Balance needed to capture their desired images. The guide gives explanations on how a camera’s settings work and how they affect your image.

The guides are meant to be carried in your pocket, gear bag and/or on your Smart Devices (e.g. iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad, etc.) so you can see what settings are needed to capture the image you envision. For example, isolating the subject with a blurred background, stopping action or creating a deep depth of field so everything is in focus.


Inside Photo Pocket Guide


Depth of Field

Learn how to isolate your subject or keep everything in focus 

Aperture Setting

See what different camera settings of your f-Stop Aperture will do to your Depth of Field.

Shutter Speed Setting

See how various shutter speeds can either freeze or blur motion.

ISO Setting

See how ISO settings change your shutter speed

Outside Photo Pocket Guide



Learn how to read your camera's histogram and balance your f-Stop Aperture , shutter speed and ISO to get a well exposed image.

Light Meter Modes

See the different light meter settings (Evaluative/Martrix; Center Weight and Spot) you have on our camera and how they can affect your camera settings f-Stop Aperture and shutter speed.

Exposure Compensation Dial

Learn how to make your images darker or lighter by changing your light meter from Matrix/Evaluative, Center Weight, Spot. And notice how your camera settings: f-Stop Aperture and Shutter Speed change.

White Balance Settings

View how the different white balance settings change your images color temperature.

Mode Settings

See what all the letters and icons on your camera's mode dial will do and how they can help you take better images.