Great Perspective Photography

Our Vision

Our vision here at Great Perspective Photography is to supply photographers and videographers of all levels quality education and study materials that are easy to understand and follow creating a fun and enjoyable learning environment whether in a workshop, class, event or simply  looking over help guides and cheat sheets.

Our Story

Great Perspective Photography has been supplying instructional materials, classes, workshops and events for photographers for the last 12 years. Great Perspective uses a fun, enjoyable hands-on teaching approach to education and study material that are simple and easy to understand bringing photography and videography terminology down to Earth to help people understand more about their cameras and the art of photography and videography.

In addition to classes, workshops, and events,¬† Great Perspective Photography publishes “Photographer’s Pocket Guide – Basic Camera Settings”. This is the first in a series of easy to follow help guides on how to get more out of your camera and capture fantastic images.

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