Our Vision

Our vision is to supply photographers of all levels quality education and study materials that are easy to understand and follow. Thus, creating a fun and enjoyable learning environment whether in a workshop or looking over help guides and cheat sheet.

Our Story

Great Perspective Photography has been supplying instruction materials  and workshops to photographers for the last 12 years. They use a fun enjoyable hands-on teaching approach to education and study material that are simple and easy to understand. Which brings photography terminology down to Earth to help people understand more about their cameras and the art of photography.

The first product they have for retail sale is the "Photographer's Pocket Guide - Basic Camera Settings". This is the first in a series of easy to follow help guides on how to get more out of your camera and capture fantastic images. Soon to be released will be Cheat Sheets for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, then camera brand series specific Help Guides called "Buttons, Dials, Knobs and Menus".

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Get a close look at the Photographer's Photo Guide - Basic Settings.